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Recruitment Services

In its inception years, Dalmac Recruitment was the forerunner in sourcing foreign candidates for positions in Irish companies through the DETE's Work Permit Scheme. Our extensive European and Worldwide network enabled us to source large volumes of staff quickly, efficiently and cost effectively for our clients.

Dalmac still remains an expert in sourcing volumes of candidates for the Irish and Foreign market. We source candidates from every European country and from outside Europe where necessary.

Through our Recruitment and Contract Staff divisions we have placed over 10,000 staff in positions throughout Europe including the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium and Germany. If you are interested in WFI recruiting and employing staff to be subcontracted to your company, please visit the "Contract Staff" section of our website.

Our recruitment division offers a FLAT FEE RECRUITMENT Service for volume staff and NOT a percentage of the candidates expected salary. This enables us to offer our recruitment services at rock bottom recruitment fees.

We are also able and interested in filling single staff vacancies as per all other recruitment agencies.

Learn how to Save Money with your existing staff through our Discount Payroll Services.

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