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Payroll and Human Resources Services

Few business owners or managers will cite payroll management as one of their favourite tasks. Outsource your payroll and/or Human Resources and we can provide the following:

  • Payroll services for both EURO and STG zones.
  • No client too big or small!
  • Professional H.R. Services for both your part time and full time staff.
  • Payslips in hard or soft copy (electronic).

Outsourcing your Payroll and/or your Human Resources to a specialist like WorkForce International Contractors (WFI) and enjoy the following benefits:

  • CostOur services are extremely competitively priced and will result in substantial savings for your company.
  • Accuracy In house Payroll processing mistakes can be painful and costly. With WFI you are assured of accuracy and on time payments.
  • SpeedWe can process even the most complex payrolls at lightning fast speeds.
  • SecurityAs WFI is a specialist on Payroll and H.R. services, our technologies and systems are kept up to date and comply with the highest security standards.
  • Legislative ComplianceWe strictly adhere to Irish & UK Laws.
  • Reliability and AccountabilityOur clients needs are treated with the utmost importance, the quality of our services is always Excellent and will not vary.
  • Time Saving & Hassle FreeUnburden both you and your staff from the hassle and time consuming task of payroll and HR. Free up your companies time to focus on your core business and its development.

Is your company wasting money on your supplies such as packaging, uniforms or disposable items. We can source them for less, find out more here.

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