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Contract Staff (Agency Workers)

Agency workers are of great value to employers and there has been rapid growth in the number of firms taking on agency workers over the past few years with the transition to a 24 hour day, 7 day a week economy.

Workforce International Contractors specialise in providing Agency Workers to organisations across Europe. We are particularly experienced in this field.

We can provide the following at exceptionally low rates:

  • Placement of employees throughout Europe.
  • Recruitment of highly skilled and qualified candidates.
  • Additional training pre employment if required.
  • Fixed term contracts usually between 1-3 years.
  • Full payroll service in Euro and Sterling.
  • Experienced and qualified HR staff to oversee the contract.
  • A dedicated client account manager for your company.

Advantages of Agency Workers:

  • Flexibility In terms of managing resources enabling you to maintain a core group of full-time employees and yet have the flexible staffing options with contract workers.
  • Stress Free All of the administration is handled by WFI.
  • Overheads There are less overheads involved as WFI take care of all contract staffing issues as per above.
  • Resources Companies can better manage resources in terms of headcount, costs and projects deliverables.

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